library informatization

Jeroen Coppieters jecop at
Wed Apr 28 11:17:23 EST 1993

I have our departmental librarian sitting next to me, and she asks me the
following question:
Do you know of database software to keep track of all books in our
library (at this moment about 5000 books, but expanding rapidly)
She would like to enter:
- orders of books, so she is able to followup the deliveries
- books available in the library
- books that are borrowed from the library (how long, by whom)

I have no answer to her question, so I ask it to all of you

- Does anybody know of such a system?
- Does anybody know a mailing list to which I should pose this question
( I have no access to internet, no news, no nothing)

Jeroen Coppieters
Laboratory of Genetics
University of Ghent, Belgium

jecop at

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