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Wed Apr 28 03:48:39 EST 1993

In article <1rjeopINNfi8 at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>, smith-una at (Una Smith) writes:
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> Also, there are a number of LISTSERV features that I'd like for the BIOSCI
> lists, including automatic distribution of files when updates are received
> (sort of a custom periodic subscription separate from the mailing list).
> This would be good for distribution of long documents.  I am still not
> comfortable distributing my 20 page FAQ to the bionet.general e-mail
> subscribers each month.  They should have the option of specifying whether
> they want to receive updates or not.  This feature could of course be used
> by Usenet readers as well.  I'd also like to be able to see who the e-mail
> subscribers are, or how many there are, or get a copy of the charter for
> only the group I'm interested in.

Actually, you can pretty much do this using WAIS to search for the group
charters from the entire WAISindexed archive of Biosci.  Also, I think that
at least one of the bio Gophers has  pointers directly to certain documents
(FAQs etc).  If this could be organised and the access information
incorporated in Dave K.'s short "where to get FAQ sheet" annoucement, I
think it would provide much of the functionality of what Una suggests.
What I envisage would be a gopher-type menu with e.g.:-
    1.  Charters of Biosci newsgroups
    2.  FAQs for Biosci
    3.  Other biological newsgroups
    4.  How to set up a new Biosci newsgroup
Perhaps this is already set up on somewhere - if so, perhaps it could be
periodically announced.
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