Biosci document access (was Rether bionet/BIOSCI in the "modern" world?

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Apr 28 18:04:08 EST 1993

I have read several of the comments about document retrieval with interest.
This is a need we have been aware of for some time.  We have been working on
a new system and possibly would have released it today if we didn't have
to contend with the hardware problem.  We need to run a few more tests when
the system comes back up and then will hopefully be in a position to go soon,
so stay tuned for a possible announcement on BIONEWS/bionet.announce tomorrow.
Those who have to rely on e-mail should be pleased, but we will also support
the Internet crew with modern tools at the same time.

Regarding crossposting, I will look into this further with Kenton as this
issue has not been raised much in the past.  My recollection is that our
news system is currently intentionally configured to discourage crossposting,
but this can be changed.  Crossposted notes would go to all of the associated
mailing lists. 


P.S. - Solbourne is in transit with the necessary part so we hope to be
back on-line in another hour or so (fingers crossed 8-).

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