Biosci document access (was Rether bionet/BIOSCI in the "modern" world?

Edward Vielmetti emv at
Thu Apr 29 01:48:04 EST 1993

marder at wrote:

: What I envisage would be a gopher-type menu with e.g.:-
:     1.  Charters of Biosci newsgroups
:     2.  FAQs for Biosci
:     3.  Other biological newsgroups
:     4.  How to set up a new Biosci newsgroup

The 'gn' gopher server can also be set up to grep subsets of the newsgroups
on demand - so that rather than build an index for every possible sub
cross section of the net that you might want to search through every once
in a while, you can dynamically build a cross-section to run queries up

Many's the time I've wanted just to ask the question
	Is there any newsgroup that's currently talking about <foo>
but the cost of always keeping up to date a full WAIS server for the
whole set of possible interest sets is daunting.

(gn available via gopher from; some inn to gn 
newsgroup searching tools are in the works here and will be released
once we have the projct that's funding them completed and out of my hair...)

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