Biosci document access (was Rether bionet/BIOSCI in the "modern" world?

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>Many's the time I've wanted just to ask the question
>	Is there any newsgroup that's currently talking about <foo>
>but the cost of always keeping up to date a full WAIS server for the
>whole set of possible interest sets is daunting.

With the newsreader nn there is a utility called nngrab. I does just what
you want, in that if you give the command "nngrab fasta" it will scan
ALL the subject lines in ALL of the 2000 odd Usenet newsgroups, and if
it finds hits they are printed out in one MERGED pseudo newsgroup for
you to browse and select from.

If you have a favourite organism, that you want to keep track of then
you can "nngrab rhizobium" and the newsreader will run through the
genbank.updates and the embl.updates and pop any new sequences un the 
screen for you to look at. That saves alot of reading. 

It is very helpful to use nngrab to find articles that you have recently
read but you can not remember which newsgroup they were in. All you need
is a keyword from the Subject line, and bingo, if the article has not 
expired, nngrab will pull it up for you.

Rob "nn- no news is good news" Harper

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