Trying to reach K. Beck at Stanford??

Dan Jacobson danj at
Thu Apr 29 10:56:36 EST 1993

In article <Roberts_D-290493110432 at> Roberts_D at BMS.COM (Dan Roberts) writes:
>I would like to contact Ken Beck who is now a post-doc at Stanford.  I
>beleive that he is in the Dept of Medicine.  My guess is that he is in some
>kind of Molecular Biology or Biochemistry dept.  If anyone knows of his
>were abouts, could you please forward to me his valid e-mail address??
>Thanks for your help....

beck at

        Login name: beck                        In real life: Kenneth Alan Beck
        Directory: /s11/b/beck                  Shell: /bin/tcsh
        Never logged in.
        No unread mail
        Project: Sorry, I don't have a project description yet.
        No Plan.

He's "Never logged in" but this could be a pop-server or some such
that forwards mail to a Mac or PC.

If all else fails you could try dirctory assistance at Stanford
which is 1-415-723-2300.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

P.S.  This type of question is better suited for the bionet.users.addresses/
      bionauts group :-).

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