This is not a test!

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>John Nash (nash at ca.nrc.lan.biologysx) wrote:
>: G'day netfolk,
>: <I'm really tempted to cross-post this to all bionet groups, but I'll let 
>: reason prevail>

>Thank goodness!

>I am irritated by such cross-postings as much as you are by test messages!

As crossposts also annoy me, I had no intentions of cross-posting... I was 
blowing off steam.

>Not in BIOSCI/bionet there aren't, so why not propose the creation of a
>'traditional' Usenet sub-group *.test so that test messages can be
>ignored by those of us who read bionet.general for other reasons?

>        Tony.

I had considered putting this in my post, but the follwing thoughts had 
occurred to me:

Don't people who read bionet via USENET have access to the group for posting 
tests (misc.test, I believe)?  Or do some folk have bionet-only feeds.  Wrt 
people who read via email, doesn't the knowledge that the LISTSERV has 
accepted their subscription, and they're receiving mail from the LIST give 
them security that the system works?  If they have problems when they want 
to join the conversations, that's the time to take action.

If there are convincing arguments against the points in the previous 
paragraph, I'd be more than pleased to propose a bionet.test/BIOTEST  

Comments, Dave?  You'd know more about this than me.

cheers, John

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