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Fri Apr 30 05:11:21 EST 1993

In article <1rjeopINNfi8 at MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU>, smith-una at (Una Smith) writes:
>    (from an earlier post) [...]
>>> 1. Fix the cross-posting mechanism so that cross-posting works properly
>>>    in the mailing lists too.
-I replied [...]
>>I'm pretty sure that there would be NO way to do this with mutiple
>>LISTSERV/USENET gateways.  Can it be done with email postings via Biosci?
-Una continued
> No, I don't think there is a way to do this with LISTSERV mailing lists
> at present, since the software is designed for use by separate, completely
> independent lists.  But it sure would be a nice feature!

I just had a thought about how this COULD be done in Biosci by MERGING the
lists.  What I envisage is that a biosci email subscriber would have an
entry in a SINGLE list with his name and the requested newsgroups attached.

Marder at bionet.announce, bionet.general, bionet.plants

Then each unique news item (even if widely crossposted) would be scanned to
see if it matches the user entry and posted accordingly.    If the news
item has a double match due to crossposting (e.g.
newsgroups bionet.general, bionet.plants), the item would (for the example
entry above) still be posted onle ONCE.

Now I notice a nice additional possibility:-
(Una Smith wrote)
> Also, there are a number of LISTSERV features that I'd like for the BIOSCI
> lists, including automatic distribution of files when updates are received
> (sort of a custom periodic subscription separate from the mailing list).
> [...]
We could also have email subscribers listing not only newsgroups but also
other information e.g. "bionet-FAQ-updates".

Just my 0.055 Shekels worth.
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