This is not a test!

Tony Travis ajt at
Fri Apr 30 03:28:19 EST 1993

John Nash (nash at ca.nrc.lan.biologysx) wrote:
: G'day netfolk,
: <I'm really tempted to cross-post this to all bionet groups, but I'll let 
: reason prevail>

Thank goodness!

I am irritated by such cross-postings as much as you are by test messages!

: As John Cleese would say: "I wish to register a complaint!".  What's with 
: the rash of "This is a test." postings on the bionet.* newsgroups.  
: I don't usually get the opportunity to use a newsreader with subject 
: killing, and it's getting to be a pain. (I have thread selection, but that's 
: beside the point).  (Please) could all the FAQ writers be so kind as to 
: insert a statement that test posting to inappropriate groups (except by 
: moderators and the like) are:
: - rude and bloody annoying,
: - a real pain to email subscribers,
: - there are newsgroups to do tests in,
: [...]

Not in BIOSCI/bionet there aren't, so why not propose the creation of a
'traditional' Usenet sub-group *.test so that test messages can be
ignored by those of us who read bionet.general for other reasons?

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