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Julio M. Arias
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I have received a request from Costa Rica to publicize the enclosed call
for contributions, and I would be very grateful if you could help in this
With best regards,
Ignacio Trejos
Programming Research Group, Oxford University
Drake Bay, PenInsula de Osa, Costa Rica
June  20-24th,  1994  (Indian Summer)
1.  La FundaciOn para la ProtecciOn del Bosque Primario
(FUNBOSPRI)  (Foundation for Primary Forest Protection)  Id.
3-006-115104-17 is calling for papers to specialists,
organizations and people interested in ecology and
environment and related fields.
The goal of the conference is to share experiences,  to get
perspectives and to discuss problems related with ecology
and environment and to join individuals and institutions
interested in this topic.   It is also to give the
opportunity to enjoy some of the most beautiful places of
our country and discuss about the ecological problems of the
area in order to propose a solution.   In this respect, I
would like to submit for your consideration, by the first
week of may, a list of problems we are facing and the
context in which they arose.   We hope  we will get a better
perspective to face our problems with your contributions.
2. Location of the conference.   For us it was difficult to
decide where this conference would take place.  The final
decision was "Peninsula de Osa".  This decision was
supported by arguments like this: Although there are cheaper
- and even more confortable- places in our country, it is
better to pay  a little extra cost and  give the opportunity
to enjoy  the natural riches of Peninsula de Osa, its
biological varieties - unique of the region-, and its
refreshing sights.
Peninsula de Osa is located 350 kms south of the
international airport.  It is one of the most beautiful
places of Costa Rica and one of the most appreciated regions
internationally. There are two ways of transportation: by
air and by  a combination of  land and river. We suggest  to
travel by land. The travel can be divided into two parts:
the first from San Jose to Sierpe and the other from
Sierpe to Drake Bay. The people who have visited this
region were stroken by these sights. This second part of the
travel is particularly exciting: navegating by Rio Sierpe
appreciating beautiful places, multicolor sand, clear water,
marshes at both sides of the river and other attractions.
This event will give you the opportunity of knowing these
places and seeing one of the locations that deserve
conservation and care.  The conference will take place
during five days.  Two trips are planned during the
conference: the first to Isla de CaNo, one of the most
exciting places, and the second to the Corcovado's National
Park, characterized by the primary forest and exotic
biological varieties.  The conference schedule is planned so
that it allows people to travel during the week.
3.  Main topics:
The main topics considered at the conference are the
   Ecological Experiences
   Models for Development and Planning
   Pacific uses of Nuclear Energy and Environment
   Quality  Control and Environment
   Conservation and Management
   Community and Ecology
   Ecology and Education
   Native Cultures and Ecology
Related topics can be considered.
4. Deadlines:
Abstracts:  December 15th, 1993. Summaries no longer than 200
Acceptance notification:   february 1994.
Papers:  April 15th,  1994
Conference's schedule availabe by:  early  May  1994.
5. Expenses:   $1,200.  Including  accomodations, meals, and
trips during the event; a copy of the proceedings and
transportation from the airport to peninsula and back.  If
you want to enjoy the beauties of the peninsula after or
before the event,  extra costs must be covered.    The
available kind of food  includes: 100 % natural vegetables
and fruits, meats and fish.   For washing,  cleaning  and
shower we use only biodegradable products.
6. Information:
We have pictures and more detailed information about the
region.  If you need any further information related with
the event or mailing documents, please write:
Celso Vargas
Departamento de ComputaciOn
ITCR, Aptdo 159, Cartago, Costa Rica
FAX (506) 51 53 48
email:  vargase at bitnet.ucrvm2 or vargase at earn.ucrvm2
Apartado 7137-1000 San JosE, Costa Rica.
JosE Castro
Apartado 7137-1000 San JosE, Costa Rica.
7. Executive committee
     Celso Vargas
     Elizabeth ArnAez
     JosE Antonio Vargas
     JosE Castro

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