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Eleanor Gallo-Hendrikx UGG00506 at VM.UOGUELPH.CA
Fri Apr 30 08:18:54 EST 1993

Hello all!  This is in response to Ola Myklebost's message & Susan
Forsburg's reply to setting up a cancer research forum, but with a
broader base to include cell biology topics in general.  I think it
would be great to have a discussion group on cancer research.  Susan
is correct in that there are not rigid lines between cancer research
and other areas of biological research. I think in a very broad, very
general, even over simplistic view of cancer is that it is normal
biological processes gone awry.  Anyway, I would like to see this
newsgroup up and running, but I'm a little reluctant to call it
cell-biol.  I'd like the focus to be mainly on cancer research &
related topics.  The area of cancer research is so vast (pathology of
cancers, molecular genetics of cancer, cell biology of cancer, cell
cell signalling between cancer cells and other cancer cells or normal
cells, metastasis) that there should be plenty to discuss without
including general discussion on the individual topics (pathology,
molecular genetics, cell biology, etc.).  I am not saying that
discussion on any of the individual topics is not worthwhile; discussion
on any of them would be extremely worthwhile.  But, if we want a
newsgroup on cancer research then that is what the group should focus
on and other newsgroups should be set up to discuss the individual
topics, such as cell biology.  Of course, the amount of discussion on
cancer-related topics depends on the interests of those who would
participate in this newsgroup.  I realize that discussion in a cancer-
type newsgroup may become generalized at times because cancer overlaps
so many other topics, but if the group starts out too general then it
(the newsgroup) may have no real focus.

To recap, perhaps more succinctly, I think a cancer research newsgroup
is a great idea, but it shouldn't include discussion in general on
broad disciplines which include cancer research as only one aspect of
their total interests.

Eleanor Gallo-Hendrikx
Dept Molecular Biology & Genetics
University of Guelph
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
email ugg00506 at VM.UoGuelph.Ca

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