This is not a test!

John Nash nash at
Thu Apr 29 18:41:26 EST 1993

G'day netfolk,

<I'm really tempted to cross-post this to all bionet groups, but I'll let 
reason prevail>

As John Cleese would say: "I wish to register a complaint!".  What's with 
the rash of "This is a test." postings on the bionet.* newsgroups.  

I don't usually get the opportunity to use a newsreader with subject 
killing, and it's getting to be a pain. (I have thread selection, but that's 
beside the point).  (Please) could all the FAQ writers be so kind as to 
insert a statement that test posting to inappropriate groups (except by 
moderators and the like) are:

- rude and bloody annoying,
- a real pain to email subscribers,
- there are newsgroups to do tests in,

and to paraphase rn/trn/Pnews: "cost the net hundreds, if not thousands of 
dollars!".  Well it costs somebody money, anyway!  I know one can say the 
same thing about this posting, but at least I'm trying to stop it continuing.

Thanks for your indulgence in reading my petty outburst!

cheers, John

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