Free Software Offer for Alpha AXP Workstations

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Fri Apr 30 17:41:23 EST 1993

Digital Equipment Corporation is offering free software to academic customers
with the purchase of an Alpha AXP workstation running DEC OSF/1.  The 
offer expires July 2, 1993.  Alpha AXP workstations, our fastest 
performance (to over 165 SPECmarks '89), and the best price/performance 
series of workstations today.

Digital is also offering free technical assistance for the configuration
of Alpha AXP OSF/1 workstations to create workstation farms (also 
called RISC workstation clusters) from individual workstations.  
Workstation farms allow users to extract the most from their 
workstations and gain supercomputing power at a fraction of the cost.

For more information, send mail on the Internet to: 
        eduwsfarms at

7Roland Belanger       belanger at
Digital Education and Research Group
Marlboro, MA USA      (508) 467-7311

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