NSF sponsored summer workstation workshop

J. Dean Brock brock at cs.unca.edu
Sun Apr 25 22:58:59 EST 1993

                    UNCA Workstation Workshop

             University of North Carolina at Asheville
               June 7-18, 1993       July 12-23, 1993

The University of North Carolina at Asheville is offering interdisciplinary
workshops aimed at preparing faculty members in science, mathematics, and
engineering departments to use workstations in undergraduate teaching and
research. These workshops are sponsored by the National Science Foundation's
Undergraduate Faculty Enhancement Program. Each two-week workshop will include
lectures and hands-on exercises in a networked workstation laboratory.  Topics
  Unix essentials
  Scientific programming 
  Symbolic computation:  Mathematica, Maple
  Computer graphics 
  Using the network
  Managing workstations and networks
  Classroom applications

Twenty participants will be chosen by the workshop instructors for each
workshop. Preference will be given to applicants with a demonstrated interest
in using computers for undergraduate education and research. Special
consideration will be given to applicants from smaller colleges which can
provide only limited support for workstation laboratories. 

The workshops will be held on the campus of the University of North Carolina
at Asheville, located in the mountains of western North Carolina.
Accommodations and meals are provided in the UNCA dormitories (single occu-
pancy rooms with a shared bath between two rooms). The National Science
Foundation pays for room, board, and tuition. Participants are responsible for
their own travel costs.

To apply, prepare a statement of your interest in the workshop, including your
past, present, and planned use of computers in the classroom and laboratory,
along with your educational background and professional employment.  For
planning purposes, we would like a description of the computer facilities
available to you now and in the near future.

Mail your statement, along with the completed application from included at
the end of this message, to:
	J. Dean Brock
	Department of Computer Science
	University of North Carolina at Asheville
	Asheville, NC  28804-3299
	    phone:  (704) 251-6446    
	    FAX:    (704) 251-6041
	    email:  brock at cs.unca.edu

Application Deadline:   May 21 , 1993 

The Presenters

Dean Brock is program director for the workshop.  He is chair of the UNCA
Computer Science department.  He has extensive experience with Unix,
networking, system administration, and C programming and regularly teaches
courses in Unix and system administration for major computer companies.

Charles Bennett is an associate professor of Physics at UNCA.  His educational
uses of computers include lecture and laboratory applications.  He has used
Mathematica extensively in the classroom and in his work with electro-optics
and high temperature plasma physics at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Joseph Daugherty is an associate professor in Computer Science at UNCA with a
doctorate in physics and research interests in theoretical high-energy
astrophysics.  He has expertise in the development of large-scale software to
model radiative processes in the magnetospheres of neutron stars.

Wayne Lang is a professor of Computer Science at UNCA with a doctorate in
experimental physics.  He teaches programming, computer graphics, and VLSI
design, and is an experienced user of Unix, C, and the X Window System. He and
Dean Brock have recently received an NSF ILI grant to create a workstation lab
at UNCA.


Application Form

City:                 State:          Zip           

Indicate which workshop you wish to attend: ___ June 7-18 ___ July 12-23

Optional Information:
 __ Male __ Female
 __ Caucasian __ Black __ Hispanic __ Native American __ Asian __ Other

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