Question about extracting ancient DNA

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> >The discussion on the technical is quite fasinating. In fact one major
> >hurdle is that there would probably too many gaps in any DNA that
> >would be extracted, to clone a dinosaur.
> >
> Well in the movie they used frog DNA to fill in the gaps, though I
> have no idea how feasible that would be.
> >Any way I have a question for you all :)
> >
> >If we could clone Dinosaurs, should we ?
> >
> >I hope this will get some debate going. ;-)
> I think that it would be great!  Of course, one wouldn't want to do
> anything on the scale of JP, but I think that one or two animals
> could be controlled effectively.  In the movie, the park was set up
> on a remote island, where government control was minimal or non-existent.
> But under such regulation I think that sufficient, redundant mechanical
> safegaurds can be achieved that would eliminate the possibility of
> escape.  O.K., nothing is 100% certain, but with tracking collars and
> some decent artillary, those babies would be dead meat.

I must admit their is a certain appeal to bringing them back for study
> The question is "What would the "animal rights" groups say about it?
> (just kidding on this last - but flame me anyway if you must)
The animal rights people would be faced with an interesting dilema:
are the dinosars a bio-polutant to be destroyed because they are a
possoble threat to the ecosphere  or are they more poor defensless
animals to extend rights to and have released into nature where they
"belong"? ;-)

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