Microdrop GmbH

Jim Uzgiris uzgiris at whitewater.chem.wisc.edu
Mon Aug 2 17:23:54 EST 1993

	Has anyone had any experience with the microdroplet generator that  
is built by Microdrop GmbH in FRG. I am interested in purchasing one, but  
have only seen the article in this month's Biotechniques. Does anyone know  
more about it, and do you have the phone number, FAX #, or e-mail address  
of this company.

Arejas J. Uzgiris		Phone: (608) 262-0296
Dept. of Chemistry		FAX: (608) 262-0453
University of Wisconsin		uzgiris at whitewater.chem.wisc.edu
1101 University Ave.		Madison, WI	53706

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