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>>On the Science Citation issue, 
>>To my knowledge the license for accessing BIDS is only covered in the 
>>UK - correct me if I'm wrong. 
>You should check with bidshelp at, but article 3.3 of the
>licence agreement between Bath University and ISI states:
>     3.3  No  persons  shall be excluded from use of the ISI Databases
>for reasons of nationality or citizenship.
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You have to read Article 3.3 in conjunction with Article 3.2, which
basically states that anyone who the Licensee (your institution) authorises
to use BIDS may do so.  It follows that if your institution isn't a Licensee
then you won't be able to use BIDS.  Many UK Higher Education and Research
institutions are Licensee's of BIDS, but not all of them are, and I have no
idea if the principle can be extended to non-UK institutions.  

Futher on in the licence agreement, it says:

     4.2  The  Licensee  shall use its best endeavours to restrict the
use of the ISI Databases only to authorised End Users.

which puts the onus on each institution to do the policing of who's using
BIDS under the guise of that institution.

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