Science Citation Index Wanted

iwilson at iwilson at
Wed Aug 4 13:51:07 EST 1993

In article <CC520071 at CCMail.UCSD.Edu>, Mark_Bowes at SOM-LRC.UCSD.EDU writes:
>           I am looking for an on-line science citation index,
>           preferably something similar in format to the medline system
>           used to access index medicus.  Any suggestions would be
>           appreciated.  Please email to:
>           Mark_Bowes at
>           Thanks

In the UK we can have access to the Univeristy of Bath BIDS service which runs 
an SCI search service. It's run thru' a 'PAD' (well that what you type 
anyway). You can print off the screen or have replies by e-mail. All 
interactive and easy to use.

Iain Wilson
Dyson Perrins Laboratory, University of Oxford
iwilson at 

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