Science Citation Index Wanted

Pete J Suters ccspjs at
Thu Aug 5 10:14:36 EST 1993

In the referenced article, iwilson at writes:
>In the UK we can have access to the Univeristy of Bath BIDS service which runs 
>an SCI search service. It's run thru' a 'PAD' (well that what you type 
>anyway). You can print off the screen or have replies by e-mail. All 
>interactive and easy to use.

We are getting a certain amount of mail here at Bath regarding
non-UK access to the BIDS service.  Unfortunately, we are bound
by contract to only provide the BIDS-ISI and BIDS-EMBASE services
to UK Academic Institutions.  We cannot provide the service to
anyone outside the UK at present.

We hope this clarifies the situation,

Pete J Suters (BIDS)

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