Does light affect cholesterol levels?

Sat Aug 7 17:10:41 EST 1993

Hi there!
My name is Brian Henderson. I am a research assistant for a professor in the
psychology department here at UMass. We know that one's cholesterol levels
vary with the time of year and or seasons. What causes this? We suspect it
might have something to do with the amount of light a person receives per
day since that fluctuates with the seasons. Or is it just diet and exercise
levels that affect the amount of cholesterol in one's body. Can anyone tell
me how that works. Please remember that I am not a biologist, so please send
responses in layman's english to:  bah at
While I'm here, does any one know of a device that a person could carry on 
their person for a day or so that would record the average amount of light
that said person received in one day? Especially one that could differentiate
between sunlight and indoor lights? We need one to verify results that we get
on surveys. Thank you for your help.

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