Science Citation Index Wanted

SEGAL, DAVID JAY djs1539 at
Sun Aug 8 02:36:00 EST 1993

I'm not sure who started this thred, but this is in reference to that
query.  There is a service called "Uncover" which comes out of 
Denver, CO.  Anyone (I think) can telnet in and get citations to
many thousands of articles in thousands of different journals.  Every
biosci journal I've been interested in has been in there.  You can
browse TOCs or search by author or keyword in title.  One bad thing
is that it does not include abstracts :(  Another limitation is
that it only goes back to like 1988 (I think), but on the good
side, it is current to like last week (which is a lot more than I
can say for our library's subscription to MEDLINE).  There are
some other good and bad points, but the best part is that it is
absolutely FREE!  

I telnet to  There may be other addresses for this service.
I should also mention that there may be a slim chance that there was
some deal worked out between Uncover and the U. of Utah, so it's only
free to us. But try it.  It's not S.C.I. or MEDLINE, but it's pretty
good and free.

- Dave Segal
- Biochemistry, U. of Utah
- dave.segal at

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