DNA Testing

Stephen Wood swood at unixg.ubc.ca
Sun Aug 8 17:47:15 EST 1993

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>I apologize if this is not the correct news group for this,.... A friend is 
>considering having a DNA test done to determine if he is the biological 
>father of a child. How accurate is this method in determining if he is 
>the parent? How accurate in determining he's not the parent? Thank you.

Assuming a competent interpretation of the data collected the accuracy
depends upon the extent of testing.  Often minimal testing will show
someone not to be the father.  The accuracy is 100%.  To show that someone
is the parent, rather than one of the other 2.6 billion men on the planet
may require more extensive testing.  Thus the likelihood of someone being
the father, compared to any random Joe, may be 100:1, 1000:1, 10,000:1
depending upon the extent of testing.

Realistically if your friend *could* be the father, and is not excluded by
DNA testing, then he is the father.  Hope this helps.  (BTW you aren't
the other man are you? :-)).

Stephen Wood (Assoc. Professor of Medical Genetics)
P.S.  My last comment is simply that of a routinely suspicious geneticist.
Did you know about 10-13% of North Americans are not fathered by the man 
they believe to be their father?

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