Migraines and Food

Michael van Waes bi__mvw at SELWAY.UMT.EDU
Mon Aug 9 16:49:06 EST 1993

 Cathy Lawson writes:
>I suffer from classical migraines (with aura, i.e. visual disturbance,
>preceding the actual pain), but have discovered that they can be triggered
>by either orange juice (reconstituted, possibly also fresh) or
>chocolate (dark or white).  Is anyone aware of a substance common to
>both o.j. and chocolate which could be a migraine trigger?  
>Cathy Lawson, Biology, Brookhaven National Lab, lawson at bnlcl1.bnl.gov
I don't know that they have to share anything in common. As I understand it,
migraines can be caused by all sorts of foods in different people. It may have
to do with sensitivities that trigger similar responses. In my case, dairy
products in large amounts tend to increase the frequency of migraines (by the
way, this is not caused by lactose intolerance).

Anyway that is my personal experience, and no physician I've talked to seemed
to know much more about the matter. I would be delighted to be corrected (maybe
I could even get rid of my migraines..:-)).

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