Effect of Nutrasweet on health.

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Tue Aug 10 12:54:32 EST 1993

In article <CBJ5M1.Moz at cunews.carleton.ca> wcsbeau at superior.carleton.ca (OPIRG) writes:
>Good question, and one I suggest you pose to Dr. Madeline Price or Dr.
>John Olney, at Washington U, in St. Louis, who have been researching 
>this for the past 20-odd years. They are in the Department of Psychiatry and
>Pathology at Wash. U's School of Medicine.

Good start.  Now, if you'd only learn to know how to read scientific papers
and understand what they're saying and what they're not saying, you'd
be ahead of the game.

>>Also, I have been assured by many people that nutrasweet consumed during
>>pregnancy will not harm the fetus.
>I am very curious as to *who* these people are: doctors? researchers?
>And *from where* they are getting their information.

It is prudent to avoid additives during pregnancy and in childhood.

>And, I would be pleased to send you a bibliography refuting what they
>have told you.

'Refute' indeed.  Those articles you like to cite refute nothing
of the sort.

>>  Are you implying that this is a
>Yes, I beleive he is. The birth defects caused by Asp and Glu to
>mammalian brains are not controversial in the literature.  

But that's not at _all_ the same as saying (as you do here repeatedly)
that human dietary exposure to aspartame is dangerous.  You get hundreds of
times more Asp and Glu in an ordinary diet than you do through foods
containing this additive.

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