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Mon Aug 9 16:54:24 EST 1993

Hello, netters!
I am about to change jobs from research specialist here at St. Jude to a
position on the faculty of Northwest Mississippi Community College.  In my new
position, I will be teaching microbiology to college sophomores.  I would like
some advice from any of you who have teaching appointments now concerning
experiments which have been useful in your classrooms in teaching about
molecular biology.  Of course, there is a chapter on this subject in the
textbook, but the lab is not currently set up to demonstrate many of the
principals which I would like to get across.  One reason for the college
deciding to offer me the job is my research experience and my plans to remain
associated with St. Jude and continue my research interests here, so that I
should not get too bored with teaching!  There have been a few excellent
articles in ASM News concerning college instruction in such areas as
bacteriophage isolation and antimicrobial testing, but I have not seen much on
teaching molecular biological techniques or concepts to college students.  If
any of you have a favorite lab project or any other suggestions, please send
them to me by direct e-mail.  I will be at this address until August 13, but I
will still be on the Internet where I am going.  It may take me a while to get
my new address, though!
Barbara Bugg
Molecular Pharmacology
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, TN  38105  (The King lives!)
e-mail:  BUGG at mbcf.stjude.org

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