Attention Deficit Disorder Mailing Lists

Dan Diaz bl275 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Wed Aug 11 21:28:37 EST 1993

Internet Mailing Lists on Attention Deficit Disorder

Adult ADD:
A mailing list emphasizing adult ADD has recently been started.
While any area of ADD is open for discussion, most subscribers 
have expressed an interest in adult ADD.  To subscribe, send email

BL275 at

Childhood ADD:
A mailing list on childhood ADD is already up and running.  Subscription
can be had by mailing

listserv at

the body of the message should contain the text:

subscribe add-parents YOUR NAME

your email address will be read from the message header.

It may be that these lists will eventually be merged.  For now,
subscribe to the list of greatest interest (or to both).

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