NMR simulation and education software

Michael Alan Roberts roberts at ucunix.san.uc.edu
Sat Aug 14 14:45:40 EST 1993

In article <1993Aug14.063549.25784 at ousrvr.oulu.fi> eha at phoenix.oulu.fi (Esa Haapaniemi) writes:
>: I am teaching an introductory NMR course this fall.  Are there any recent
>: simulation programs that I can use in class?  Is there any educational
>: software for NMR courses?  Either Mac or IBM PC programs would be fine.
>: Thanks in advance,

There is such a program that does just what you need. It was described
in one of the chemical journals that is devoted to computers in
chemistry. If I recall correctly, it was the one that has a cover that
looks like greenbar print, which I am guessing is Journal of
Computational Chemistry. I beleive that this article appeared within the
last 12 months.

I am defending my dissertation in four days, but if you email me or post
after that, I will be more amenable to going into the library and
hunting down the reference.

Good luck!!

Michael Roberts
roberts at ucunix.san.uc.edu

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