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> The mailing by Michael Holloway about unethical professional
> behaviour by some of our esteemed colleagues in the US struck me
> as slighty odd. Apart from the fact that hardly anybody would
> call the big lab's actions ethically correct (even the people in
> that lab wouldn't, I guess, but neither would they admit acting
> unethically), several things seemd strange to me. Why post it in
> the first place? Hardly likely that it would start a discussion
> on the pros and cons of 'borrowing' somebody else's work. And
> even more unlikely that it would change the ways of the perps (If
> they were sensitive to ethical arguments, they would not do these
> things in the first place). Lastly, why all this 'hypothetical'
> stuff? Who does Michael think he is fooling? He didn't even sign
> his name & address (it was in the header, ofcourse). If one
> argues for more honesty in the profession, shouldn't one do so
> completely openly?

translation: It happens all the time, so why bring it out in the open?

> Ofcourse I agree that all this `borrowing' is doing no end of
> harm to having discussions about the results of all our hard
> work. But I don't see how that can be changed, unless we create
> ourselves a electronic journal (see elsewhere) and treat that the
> same way as we do paper journals. Being naive and going on
> trusting everybody certainly won't help. Choosing your friends/-
> collaborators with care might.

translation: Don't trust anybody, especially a scientist.

>Sorry to sound so cynical! Good luck & success

translation: That's life, so live with it.

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