What are these?

Tue Aug 17 11:01:25 EST 1993

Warren Victorian writes:

> I found these wierd international phone sex lines in a magazine the
> otherday and I was just wondering how these people can offer a service
> like this for free. It makes no sence to me. Anyways it is pretty hardcore
> and anyone into that type of stuff should give it a shout.

Numbers deleted.

The phone companies probably split the long distance costs with the
companies involved.

I would imagin that your going to get a fairly heafty phone bill at
the end of this month, since international calls can be fairly exp-

By the way what type of magazines were they? Certainly not Scientific
American, Nature, Science,Discover, or Omni. ;-)

Are you really sure this belongs on the bionetworks, I got the same
message from you five times and it was a bit annoying.

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