What are these? (Stop them!)

Ola Myklebost olam at radium.uio.no
Wed Aug 18 03:20:41 EST 1993

As has been commented be others:
> Warren Victorian writes:
> > I found these wierd international phone sex lines in a magazine the
> > otherday and I was just wondering how these people can offer a service
> > like this for free. It makes no sence to me. Anyways it is pretty hardcore
> > and anyone into that type of stuff should give it a shout.
> Numbers deleted.
> The phone companies probably split the long distance costs with the
> companies involved.

It was suggested to complain to Warrens system administrator. I checked out
Cyberspace, and it turns out to be a company in Seattle running a BBS
Cyberlink Communications
300 Queen Anne Avenue North, #396
Seattle, WA  98109-4599

support at cyberspace.com

206.282.4919 Voice
206.997.4715 Digital Pager

This system participates in the Acceptable Use Policies of the National
Foundation, please type 'nsfnet' to read the acceptable use of the NSFNET.

If you use this system you agree to be bound by the Acceptable Use Policies
the National Science Foundation.

 I suggest everyone sends a mail to root at cyberspace.com and
support at cyberspace.com and ask them to expel Warren Victorian.

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