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In article <1993Aug18.190242.5655 at Virginia.EDU> mgk2r at Virginia.EDU ("Michael G. Kurilla") writes:
>It seems that you propose having credits at the end of a paper,
>similar to those at the end of movies:
>	Producer - the PI
>	Director - post doc whose project it is
>	Actors   - grad students
>	Crew     - technicians
>For collaborations then we would have 1st, 2nd, etc. directors
>and crews.
>Interesting to try.
>Michael Kurilla
>mgk2r at

As Toby says in another post, acknowledgements are welcome and pleasing to
read...and are considered to be correct when acknowledging fruitful
conversations and specifying sources of funding or fellowship.

Maybe it's news to some reading this exchange, but this matter of
authorship on papers and ethics in *American* science research is well
covered in a brouchure available from the AAAS.  (I make no claim that the
U.S.A. should set standards for any one else.  :^)

Please correct me someone, but Science magazine (the mouth piece of AAAS)
has two basic integrity conditions for publication in that journal:

	Be prepared (without the need for a court order) to show *all*
	research related documentation upon request of the editor.

	Be prepared as author to point to those *specific* parts of the
	research *results* reported that you *performed*.

The notion of courtesy authorship for the "fund-raiser" is *explicitly*
verboten by AAAS policy....not even as last author.

And extremely long authors listing are also challangeable....but expected
in some cases, such as sequencing an entire chromosome.

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