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In article <CBz4zG.830 at>, jamcorp at (Jonathan Priluck) writes:
> 	Hey guys; its a cold cruel world!  When I went to school I was older
> and wiser than my fellow students.  When I made an important discovery in
> 1989 I patented it immediately.  I did not inform the university, my
> advisor, or anyone else, I just applied for the patent under my name because
> it way my idea and nobodys bussiness.  About 18 months later (just one month
> after I received my patent fron the Patent Trademark Office) the university
> realised what I had and suddenly my project belonged to the university.
> They still did not know I had a patent on the process, so I played it cool.

You may have signed your rights away in a TA or RA employment contract...
in some schools that's a condition of work.  I remember a very restrictive
agreement that I had to sign to work in a *clerical* position at a
large west-coast university-- essentially giving them rights to anything
that I might patent if they chose to take the patent. ***Even if I developed
the idea at home, in my own time, and it was totally unrelated to the job***.
The choice at the time was sign or starve...

Kay Klier  Biology Dept  UNI

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