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Thu Aug 19 18:21:09 EST 1993

I teach a course at U.C. Berkeley extension each fall titled "Molecular Genetics".  The course has expanded to cover much of modern molecular biology and biotechnology in general, which I am finding increasingly hard to cover with any
single textbook.

I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has seen or developed any
interactive software for demonstrating concepts and principles of any aspect 
of modern molecular biology.  I would also be interested in getting feedback
from people on their opinions of such packages, and any views they might
have for developing novel interactive educational software in this field.

Any help that I can get would be most welcome. My students are tired of
reading outdated texts and research papers are generally too dense. Please E-mail to me alone (oxford at, I will summarize for the Net if
there is enough interest.

Thanks in advance,

-Sunil Maulik
oxford at
(415) 494-6274

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