Biotech research companies

Bill O'Reitz ewok at
Sat Aug 21 10:41:52 EST 1993

Can anyone tell me how to get a comprehensive guide to biotechnology
companies, research activities, etc? 
What I'm looking for is the type of guide that might be used by:
   scientists, for the purpose of selecting which product to buy;
   financial types, for determining which companies to invest in;
   job seekers, for identifying a match between their skills and the
      needs of employers.

It would be especially useful to see such a guide organized in any of several
   by end user type
   by size and financial standing
   by geographic location 

In particular, I'm most interested in companies that use light or imaging to
perform basic science, diagnostic, or therapeutic studies in medecine, or
that develop products for biotech applications. 

If there are online databases of this type of information, can you tell me
about these as well?

How do I search for this kind of thing?


Bill O'Reitz

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