Howard Kaplan hkaplan at UDCVAX.BITNET
Sat Aug 21 10:28:44 EST 1993

I am a post-graduate (MA) student at the University of Bradford, Bradford.
U.K. I am undertaking a dissertation study into the extraction and
amplification of mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA from archaeological bone.
I was wondering;
1. If anyone has any IS6110 available,
2. If they could let me have some, or
3. If anyone knows the sequence of IS6110 so that I can get it made locally.

Look forward to any answers

Ed Lewis
Department of Archaeological Sciences
University of Bradford
Some requests for information, such as this one, are real teasers
in that they sound absolutely fascinating, but provide no support-
ing information.  I don't know if it's at all feasible, but would
it make any sense for requestors to provide just a little
background?  Not an abstract.
                                        Howard Kaplan

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