Ethics in research question

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>Michael Halloway writes:
>> What, if anything, should the grad student do or say?
>He should probably try to stall them and come up with some excuse
>not to reveal the data and rush to publish his results. Although
>its sad that he would have to resort to such tactics, but it would
>probably be a matter of survival in his case. After all finishing
>your thesis without any original results can hurt your career.
>He should also try very hard to convince his supervisor to break off
>the colaboration with the big lab.

	Why stall them?  I'm just another grad. student here, so maybe I'm
completely naive, but why not just say "No, I'm sorry, you have an
abominable track record with regard to the data that I've shown you so
far.  I'm afraid you'll have to wait until it's published."
	It's impolitic, I'm sure, but somebody has to stand up to bullies,
don't they?  Otherwise, they just keep getting their way by bullying.

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