Ethics in research question

Sarah Dorazio sdorazio at
Tue Aug 17 02:52:46 EST 1993

The problem with deciding whether or not this situation is
either unethical or unprofessional, is that the standards for
ethics and professionalism in science were established years
ago, when science was a different ball game.

In the old days, you would just be happy that the scientific
question was being answered, the pursuit of truth, and all
that.  But in these days of tight funding, getting credit is
everything, because if you aren't a highly regarded scientist,
you won't have any money to work with.

This situation is especially tough because the hypothetical
person involved is a grad student.  The mentor has learned a
lesson here, but meanwhile, the grad student, through no
fault of his own, has been scooped, and therefore has a less
significant project for his thesis defense.

It's too bad that grad students in this day and age are
receiving such a jaded outlook on the scientific community.
I've been taught:  Don't share an data with outside labs that
you aren't ready to publish!

Sarah D'Orazio
University of Miami School of Medicine
sdorazio at

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