NMR simulation and education software

Robert Schurko schurko at news.cc.umanitoba.ca
Sun Aug 15 02:46:50 EST 1993

Preetha Ram (preetha at gatech.edu) wrote:
: I am teaching an introductory NMR course this fall.  Are there any recent
: simulation programs that I can use in class?  Is there any educational
: software for NMR courses?  Either Mac or IBM PC programs would be fine.
: Thanks in advance,
: Preetha Ram
: Assistant Professor
: Department of Chemistry
: Emory University

	I don't think PERCH is quite what you're looking for.  This is more
of a research tool than an educational bit of software.  A nice simple one
which students can easily learn is called BEAKER (I think) and is available
for MacIntosh systems.  You can enter an organic structure, and it will 
simulate a guess as to what the sturcture would be, as well as providing 
opportunity for students to investigate unknowns by interpreting these

			Good luck,


P.S. I am an IBM and UNIX user, and I do not know of any other educational
programs of this nature for these systems --perhaps beaker is available for
IBM now?

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