NMR simulation and education software

Esa Haapaniemi eha at phoenix.oulu.fi
Sat Aug 14 03:52:14 EST 1993

: I am teaching an introductory NMR course this fall.  Are there any recent
: simulation programs that I can use in class?  Is there any educational
: software for NMR courses?  Either Mac or IBM PC programs would be fine.
: Thanks in advance,

I have used the Perch commercial for years, and I take it really usable.
Just last week they announced a demoversion (only 8 spins) that is
available from nic.funet.fi, don't remember the path though...

The Perch needs at least 386+387 and "enough" memory (it can use extended).
Demoversion also includes modules for wieving and printing the simulated
and iterated results and one good point is that it reads measured Bruker
NMR data and you can make your assignations on screen !

I only wish I could get this file to my Amiga <sigh..>

Esa Haapaniemi
University of Oulu
Department of Chemistry, Structural Elucdation

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