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I recently came across this post. I have not had time to get it
yet or to say if it is worthwhile, but it you are interested
then here is how to get it, by various methods.


Odd de Presno, a Norwegian author, has released his work "The Online 
World" as a shareware book through global online services and networks 
like the Internet, CompuServe, and others.

The Online World was previously published in Norwegian as a 275 page 
hardcover book (ISBN 82-90628-67-6), and is still available in 
traditional bookstores. Local language versions are in the process of 
being published on paper in Denmark and Germany. 

The non-fiction book deals with the practical side of using the global 
online information resource. It explores selected applications across 
network  and service boundaries showing how such needs can be met. The 
examples range from databases to entertainment  and the bizarre  to 
special services for professionals and organizations. 

While the author lives in Norway, the reader is  not  expected to live 
in any particular country. The breadth of the offerings is described 
by  using applications on  major global networks and services as the 
Internet, Fidonet, Usenet, CompuServe, BITNET, IASNET, and many 

According to the author, the book is not being issued into the public 
domain and, in issuing it as shareware, he does not waive any rights 
or copyrights.

de Presno claims that the work is "being distributed electronically so 
that hundreds of thousands more people can get aware of the wonderful 
opportunities that are waiting for them in the online world." He hopes 
this will make more people buy modems and get online for the first 

The book is distributed as an ASCII text file suitable for sending to 
a printer, searching, and reading with a wordprocessor or a file 
viewing program. 

Odd de Presno has published several books about the subject.  Besides 
being an author, he is the founder and project director of  KIDLINK, a 
global project working to get as many 10 - 15 year old children as 
possible involved in a global dialog. 

The book is available as ONLINE.ZIP from Library 5 in CompuServe's 
IBMCOM forum. 

Over the Internet, the book may be obtained through the use of File 
Transfer Protocol (FTP). FTP is a term used to describe the 
automated transfer of a file from a remote computer system over the 
Internet, using standard protocols. 

To retrieve the book automatically over the net, Internet-connected 
users can ftp to (in the /pub/msdos/info) as user 
'anonymous'. The file name is ONLINE10.ZIP (248KB). It is an MS-DOS 
compressed file). 

If ftp is unavailable, the book may be retrieved by electronic mail 
to ftpmail at using the following retrieval commands: 

  chdir /pub/msdos/info

The received file is decoded. For help with decodeing, send mail
to LISTSERV at containing the command "GET KIDLINK 

The book can also be retrieved by email from LISTSERV at VM1.NODAK.EDU 
(Sweden) by using the command /PDGET pd:<> 
to order.

A plain ASCII version of the book can be retrieved by anonymous ftp 
from EUnet Norway at ftp at as /pub/text/online.txt . A 
compressed version is in /pub/text/online.txt.Z . The EUnet Norway 
mailserver can also be used: send a message containg the single 
line "HELP" to mailserver at for instructions. 

Press contact: Odd de Presno, +47-370-31378 (voice); +47-370-27111 
(fax); Email over the Internet: opresno at

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