Ethics in research question

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Wed Aug 18 03:24:51 EST 1993

ogil at (Brian W. Ogilvie) writes:

>> Ethics aside, the presence of politics in the research community
>> I find equally disturbing.  In some circles the senior people
>> spend almost all of their time with political manipulations, and
>> very little time doing research.  Certain seniors have a habit
>> of adding their names to all work being done, regardless of
>> themselves having been involved or not.

>I suspect that if these senior people did not spend much or most of
>their time politicking, the junior people would find that they had
>little or no money available for the expenses of research, that they
>have problems getting into conference programs, etc. I'm not denying

The principal job of a principal investigator is to raise funds.
If they have lots of money, then they can do research. If they can't
get money, then they can try to do research but the main job is to
raise funds and if this means smoozing with congresspersons, so
bit it.
As to names on papers, it is fair for a PI to add their name if
they wrote the grant which funded the work because they conceived
of the project. Still, there are many cases where this is abused.


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