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> Ethics aside, the presence of politics in the research community
> I find equally disturbing.  In some circles the senior people
> spend almost all of their time with political manipulations, and
> very little time doing research.  Certain seniors have a habit
> of adding their names to all work being done, regardless of
> themselves having been involved or not.

I suspect that if these senior people did not spend much or most of
their time politicking, the junior people would find that they had
little or no money available for the expenses of research, that they
have problems getting into conference programs, etc. I'm not denying
that many people rest on their laurels, and those of their
subordinates, but many others do valuable work in gaining resources
and attention. They may not have been involved at the bench, but they
were not uninvolved. The issue is how properly to award credit for
this sort of work in fields where recognition is earned primarily by
having names on papers.

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