NMR simulation and education software

Matthias Niemitz niemitz at mesaani.uku.fi
Tue Aug 17 03:47:20 EST 1993

Preetha Ram (preetha at gatech.edu) wrote:                                       
> I am teaching an introductory NMR course this fall.  Are there any recent   
> simulation programs that I can use in class?  Is there any educational      
> software for NMR courses?  Either Mac or IBM PC programs would be fine.     
Esa Haapaniemi wrote:
> I have used the Perch commercial for years, and I take it really usable.    
> Just last week they announced a demoversion (only 8 spins) that is          
> available from nic.funet.fi, don't remember the path though...              
You find PERCH.ZIP on nic.funet.fi in /pub/sci/chem/nmr/

Robert Schurko wrote:
> I don't think PERCH is quite what you're looking for.  This is more   
> of a research tool than an educational bit of software...

Although PERCH originally was designed for research purposes, it's suitable
for an educational NMR courses as well. PERCH has got a new user interface 
running under MS-Windows now. This helps especially the beginner to find 
his way into PERCH and it's very easy to make simulations up to 10 spins. 


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