Ethics in research question

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 The story you tell does in no way surprise me.  I know (by first
 hand experience) that there are people out there who will forge
 papers, i.e. take a paper published somewhere (usually in a
 lesser known journal), change a few figures and resubmit it
 elsewhere with their own name.  Unethical behaviour seems to be
 an everyday occurence, to a non neglible degree.  Unfortunately
 it seems to be just as bad in the US as it is in Europe.

 Ethics aside, the presence of politics in the research community
 I find equally disturbing.  In some circles the senior people
 spend almost all of their time with political manipulations, and
 very little time doing research.  Certain seniors have a habit
 of adding their names to all work being done, regardless of
 themselves having been involved or not.  The appointment of
 professors is, to the best of my knowledge, a highly political
 event almost everywhere.

 Strange thing indeed that work is actually being done, but
 there are, fortunately, some good people out there as well.

 /Stefan Farestam   (a few more months to go)

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