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Sun Aug 22 10:47:00 EST 1993

I received many old messages from the net today.
The same messages have been posted ago. I hope someone
can detect the problem and perhaps correct the problem.
A sample message is included below:


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Subject: Re: microscope slide labels... suggestions requested
Date: 18 Aug 93 07:49:10 GMT

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 calfor at (Constantine A Lapasha) writes:

> We're looking for some suggestions for an adhesive for attaching plain
> paper labels to glass microscope slides.  This is for permanent reference
> slides - - so long term stability is important, similar to herbarium
> requirements.  We prepare the labels on a laser printer on good quality
> (stable) paper, then need a way of getting them stuck on the slides.  We've
> used mucilage cement in the past, but have had problems with catastrophic
> failures where the labels just pop off after a time.  Currently we're
> using a non-catylised PVA (like Elmer's white glue) and this seems to be
> working ok so far.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for something better?

You might try gluing them them with 3MM Photo-mount spray adhesive.
This is permanent and far less messy than what you're currently
using, but it's more expensive (approx. $12.00 US/can).

Paul N. Hengen
National Cancer Institute
Frederick Cancer Research and Development Center
Frederick, Maryland 21702-1201 USA

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