Visualizing Biological Information (Book)

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    Could anyone help me out regarding the accuracy of information
concerning genetics and electronic data bases?

   The book I edited titled "Visualizing Biological Information" goes to
press in a month.  In the Preface I give information on various
databases and on-line services (see topics below).  Since I wrote the
Preface over a year ago, I believe there has been some changes to the
information I'm providing.

   I'd love to have the information as up-to-date as possible.  Would
anyone be willing to help me out by looking over the information I'm
providing on the following, and telling me if it is farily up-to-date
and accurate?  If so, I'd be happy to e-mail you the Preface.  If you
can suggest a particular individual I should ask, this would be useful
as well.

Thanks, Cliff

Here are some of the topics in the Preface which may out of date.

Federal Research Organizations Involved with Computational Genetics
Some Genetic and Biological Database Repositories
The GenBank On-Line Service
The Biosci Electronic Newsgroup Network
List of BIOSCI Newsgroups
Electronic Mail Addresses of Newsgroups
Electronic Mail Addresses of USENET newsgroups
Sequence Analysis Software
Genetics, Evolution, and Biology in Science-Fiction

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