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>	Hey guys; its a cold cruel world!  When I went to school I was older
>and wiser than my fellow students.  When I made an important discovery in
>1989 I patented it immediately.  I did not inform the university, my
>advisor, or anyone else, I just applied for the patent under my name because
>it way my idea and nobodys bussiness.

Most of my work is funded with public monies.  I would not consider
using information obtained with taxpayer dollars to further my own
economic interests in such a direct way, and would consider that the
university has a say in any patent applications.  I don't feel
particularly loyal to my institution, as I pay my own salary and
the university skims its (up to) 50% overhead.  Nevertheless, the
university lab I work in is taxpayer-funded, and I feel it would
be unjust for me to be the sole beneficiary of science paid
for by someone other than myself. YMMV.

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Can't be both.  Perhaps this will fly on Madison Ave., though :)

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