Repeated messages

Kenton A. Hoover shibumi at
Mon Aug 23 06:06:16 EST 1993

>I received many old messages from the net today.
>The same messages have been posted ago. I hope someone
>can detect the problem and perhaps correct the problem.
>A sample message is included below:

<message deleted for brevity>

Yes, this problem was just pointed out to me.  Some ~person~ has either 
incorrectly designed a mailing list gateway, or has come up with a really 
spectacular new way to advertise their views on what netnews headers
should look like (I'm courrently trying to figure out which one it is).

I've sent the appropriate messages to that site and their upstream site, 
however, as I am currently in the UK (working on some BIOSCI stuff with the
Daresbury crew), there may be some delay in getting the problem resolved.

Netnews users may or may not see the duplicates.  However email users WILL
get two copies of each message.  In fact, you may get more than that, 
depending on  how big a mistake this person made in their design.

I'll keep everyone posted on how this develops.

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