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Mon Aug 23 22:19:32 EST 1993

				How to Get

		A Biologist's Guide to Internet Resources

This guide contains an overview and lists of free Internet resources such as: 

	scientific discussion groups and mailing lists
	research newsletters, directories, and bibliographies
	huge data and software archives
	tools for finding and retrieving information
	a bibliography of useful books and Internet documents

The current version of the free 45-page guide can be obtained over the
Internet via Usenet, gopher, FTP and e-mail:

    - In Usenet, look in or sci.answers.

    - Gopher to, and choose this sequence of menu items:

	Sunsite Archives
		Ecology and Evolution

      Or, from any gopher offering other biology gophers by topic, look for
      the menu item "Ecology and Evolution [at UNC and Yale]".  The guide
      is stored there in two ways:  as a file for easy retrieval and as a
      menu for browsing.

    - FTP to  Give the username "anonymous" and your e-mail
      address as the password.  Use the "cd" command to go to the directory


      and use "get part1", "get part2" etc. or "prompt" and "mget *" to copy
      all 6 parts of the guide to your computer.  The files are stored as 
      part1.Z etc. and are compressed binary files, but if you specify "part1",
      the file will be uncompressed and translated to readable ASCII before
      it is transfered to your computer.  For information about how to get
      other useful documents from this archive, send the message "help".

      You can also use anonymous FTP to, where this guide is
      stored as


    - Send e-mail to mail-server at with the text
      "send usenet/news.answers/biology/guide/*".  You will receive 6 files
      in response, one for each part:  save each part separately, delete the
      e-mail headers, and merge them.


      Una Smith      Department of Biology       smith-una at
                     Yale University
                     New Haven, CT  06511

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