RISING SUN (etc) - objection to posting

Frank Wright mbfw at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Tue Aug 24 06:11:37 EST 1993

>>> From: do250 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Simmons)
>>> Subject: RISING SUN film claims...(etc)
>>> Please excuse the following message, it's important. 

I do *not* excuse the sender of the message.  Please refrain
from posting inappropriate material to bionet.general.

I can think of many things that I deem important (e.g. the 
suffering in Bosnia,  racism, damge to the ozone layer) but
that does not justify flooding scientific discussions on
specific topics.

Frank Wright
SASS, University of Edinburgh,
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
frank @ sass.sari.ac.uk

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